If you would like more information on our Church Planting Cohort, please contact us ASAP. Currently our cohort start dates are every January and August. 

It’s exciting to be partnering with the mission of God to birth new churches and see more people reached.


More Information

Coordinator for Church Planting for the NPD and NWD

Director of Church Planting NPD & NWD


NPD Church Plant Retreats

The following modules are what each cohort will go through together during retreats: 

101 Church Planting Retreat

Themes: Kingdom, Theology, Missiology


  • Module 1—Mission of God (Mission & Witness)

  • Module 2—The Gospel (Gospel Centered)

  • Module 3— Know the People-Plant the Gospel (Culture & Contextualization)

  • Module 4—What God Has Done & What He Can Do (Vision)

 201 Church Planting Retreat

Themes: Ecclesiology, Discipleship, Leadership


  • Module 1—Flourishing Community of Faith (Community)

  • Module 2—Disciple (v)- Devoted Disciple in Community on Mission (Discipleship)

  • Module 3—Leadership Mentoring & Equipping (Leadership)

  • Module 4—Kingdom Community (Environment & Relationships of Grace)

301 Church Planting Retreat

Themes: Leadership Praxis, Organizational Development, Strategy Prototype


  • Module 1- You, Marriage and Family (Personal Health)

  • Module 2- Team Reinforcing (Organizational Development)

  • Module 3- Foursquare Family- (Covenant and Charter)