NPD Church Planting Stages

(Expect this process to take 12-18 months)

1. Spiritual Entity (conception)

Sharing vision with your pastor, practitioners, and district missional leader with the intent of confirming the pursuit of the vision to church plant. Assuming everyone is on board then we could move forward with:

  • Assessments
  • Get scheduled for the CP training-101, 201, 301
  • “Road Map” completion

Practical aspects/implications:

Set up a financial accountability with your mother/sponsor church to receive finances and begin to track the financial support. Tracking this information will be needed in the matching funds process. Find at least 1 practitioner/coach who will walk with you through the process.

2. Legal Entity (registration)

The church has developed to the point where it is necessary to receive tithes and offerings, issue donation receipts, pay bills, provide license to planter and ICFG insurance for the church assets and property. We are looking for a core team of 25 people. These people should be committed into post launch and an integral part of your team.

Practical aspects/implications:

District supervisor is fully convinced that this church will progress to the public entity. It is only a matter of time. It is time to register the church with Foursquare, the IRS for a EIN# & the state for a UBI #. The Church Plant is now functioning as a church with the respect to its team, but is not yet ready to present/announce itself to the community. Additional prerequisites include:

  • Completed Licensing application by the church planter.
  • Polity training
  • Licensing interview
  • Assimilation into a NPD Foursquare divisional team.

3. Public Entity (launch)

The church has developed to the point where it is ready to say to the community, “We are a full service church, ready to minister to your needs, we can deliver on what we say we are setting out to do.”

Practical aspects and implications: additional prerequisites include:

  • A leadership team in place to match the ministry to be offered to the community.
  • Launch team of at least 50 people. (Subject to some home church expectations) Launch team is a term for leaders, committed participants of all backgrounds and spiritual maturity and their families who are making this new community of faith their own. You need to have a good sense that you and your launch team could have over 100 people at your 1st service. 

Your Biblical & Philosophical Paper

The Biblical & Philosophical Basis for the Missional Plan of your Church Plant

Use the questions below to help you write a Biblical and Philosophical paper. We are excited to read about your theological context, gut level passion, and specific message for the community that God is calling you to reach.

  • Describe your call to church planting and scriptures that help you understand and remain in that call.

  • Describe what you see in the scriptures as it pertains to the multiplication of the kingdom and ecclesial formation.

  • Describe your understanding of the church as a redemptive and restorative force in the world and your church plants specific contribution to that sovereign work. Describe the evangelistic approach that you believe is best suited for the people you endeavor to reach.

  • Describe your unique, contextual, prophetic message that you believe will break ground, heal, gather and help people to hear the Gospel.

  • Describe the uniqueness of your community and the key people of the community. What are the main gathering points in your community? What are the primary cultural centers of the community? How does this knowledge shape your missional vision and church plant strategy

These two documents (CP Proposal and Missional paper) will be reviewed by our NPD church planting team in addition to our District Supervisor. Once you have approval and confirmation to move forward from these particular key leaders, you will be ready for the next phase.