Our Main Location

The Morgan Building at 

720 SW Washington Suite 620 Portland, OR 97205                 

PHONE: 971.808.5811

FAX:  971.302.6386

EMAIL: npdinfo@foursquare.org                                                         

HOURS: Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm | FridayS 8-1pm [PST]  


Helpful Information for Visitors to the Morgan Building

The NPD office is located on the 6th floor of the Morgan Building. The Morgan Building was built in 1912, and is a designated Historic building. Its lobby floors are still the original marble! It is an eight-story, red brick building at the southwest corner of SW Broadway and SW Washington Street. The main entrance to the Morgan Building has a large brass facade and is halfway up Washington Street, between Broadway and Park Avenue.

For your visit, please note that all of the outside doors are locked at approximately 6 pm on weekdays. If you have an appointment after that time, we will make arrangements to meet you at the front door.



The NPD will validate any parking in the lots described below.  There are several garages and flat lots in the immediate area.



Look for the lots with the letter "P". Bring your ticket to the office and we will validate it for you. The parking lots must also have an attendant at them for us to be able to validate. 


Look for the lots with the picture of a man pointing to his hat. Simply park and we will give you the validation ticket.


These are a few of the closest city center parking lots to our building: 

LOT #111 |  707 SW Washington St. Portland, OR 97204 In the Union Bank Building

LOT #45 |  948 SW Alder St. Portland, OR 97204 | This is the parking garage behind Target



It’s also easy to get to us by public transportation. We are just two blocks north of the MAX light rail line, and a block or two up from the downtown bus mall. Portland has a relatively comprehensive public transit system, TriMet.

Visit the TriMet website at www.trimet.org for route and fare information.


Portland Metro- Main Office


Our Secondary Location


In order to serve our pastor and leaders, our supervisor team can meet at either of our two other office locations in Eugene and Bend. 

Contact Jackie Milian for Eugene and Bend Office appointments.