Active Shooter Training


Whether you think it can happen in your town or not, pastors are responsible for making the safety of their church members and communities paramount. During this 35-minute video, you will hear from Peter Henderson, along with Jason Reynolds, director of Foursquare Chaplains International, as well as other experts. The video has three main modules: Prevention; Active Response; and Follow-Up + Long-Term Care.

Most active shooter incidents are over in 10-15 minutes.  Since 2006, there has been an average of one such incident resulting in the loss of four or more lives every 2.9 months. Your preparations today can help reduce that statistic and keep your community safe. (Read more here)

For church administrators: 

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Next Gen leaders:

Learn the how, who, and why background checks are required for volunteers working with children. 

Please refer to the Foursquare Child and Youth Protection Manual to ensure that proper adult to child ratios, as well as other guidelines are being met in your local church.


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