Letter from District Mission Representative

Jason Albelo    NPD Mission Representative (DMR)

Jason Albelo

NPD Mission Representative (DMR)

Dear Foursquare Pastor,

I have been active in missions for over 15 years in a mix of both foreign and domestic contexts and I have been pastoring for over 18 years.  Throughout this time, one thing has become increasingly clear to me: the context in which we are all living, serving and ministering has changed and continues to do so at an alarming rate.  This kind of context requires that we are adaptive and innovative in our approach and execution of the mission of Jesus. Paramount is our understanding that His mission, when lived out biblically, is both local and global in its expression.  Jesus’ eyes are always on all peoples and all nations of the world. Therefore, our approach to both expressions (global and local) requires that we must develop and grow new skill-sets to both observe and engage those constantly changing contexts.

This is where my role as the District Missions Representative for the North Pacific District is designed to assist you.  My job is to help connect, develop and invest in pastors and leaders in our district. My goal is to assist in developing an adaptive, contextualized, holistic, Christ-centered missiology.  I also exist to link pastors and leaders to other similarly aligned and called pastors in a partnership to live out the global expression of the mission of God.  After connecting you to other NPD partners, my goal is to then help you connect to our global Foursquare family in a way that forwards the mission in foreign contexts and serves the Missio Dei that is already at work in that place.  This involves connecting with area missionaries, national leaders and local leadership structures to ensure that we are working in a partnership that is in concert with one another. The mission of God requires partnership. Just as you see the early church in multiple expressions from Antioch to Jerusalem, to Ephesus, Corinth, and others banding together to be the unified body of Christ, so too does this season ask us to find ways to be the hands of Christ extended to our world.

I invite you to walk the journey of faith with us as we find innovative and adaptive ways in the US Foursquare family to connect and partner with our other Foursquare family around the globe.  This season invites and demands a new level of partnership and collaboration. Will you join Foursquare Missions in our endeavor to train, equip, pray, give, and Go?

I am eager to talk with you about who, what, and where God is moving your heart.  There are lots of things that we can accomplish- but what I do know is that whatever we attempt to accomplish on our own, we will absolutely be better together! Let’s connect, pray, partner and talk about how together we can run the race that God has marked out for you!

Letter From The District Supervisor

Gabe Barreiro    NPD Supervisor

Gabe Barreiro

NPD Supervisor

Dear Foursquare Pastor,

Many years ago, I heard about the Gospel through my friend. He lived like a missionary and believed in reaching out to his friends that lived in his community. Everywhere I go, I've tried to do the same. Later on in my journey of following Jesus, my eyes were lifted to the global harvest. I learned that the Holy Spirit cultivates a faith in us that envisions the gospel extending to the nations and to the remote places on earth. I've also learned that an expanded vision of mission necessitates partnership. Therefore, I want to invite you and your church to engage the mission of God locally, regionally, nationally and globally through our Foursquare Missions family which deploys and supports trained missionaries. There are many ways to be a personal partner and a church partner.  I would consider it a high honor to assist you in discovering how you and your church can engage the mission of God beyond your local context. I look forward to talking to you soon. 


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