Gabe Barreiro    NPD Supervisor

Gabe Barreiro

NPD Supervisor

Bill Kieselhorst     NPD Mission Representative

Bill Kieselhorst

NPD Mission Representative

Letter From The District Supervisor

Dear Foursquare Pastor,

Many years ago, I heard about the Gospel through my friend. He lived like a missionary and believed in reaching out to his friends that lived in his community. Everywhere I go, I've tried to do the same. Later on in my journey of following Jesus, my eyes were lifted to the global harvest. I learned that the Holy Spirit cultivates a faith in us that envisions the gospel extending to the nations and to the remote places on earth. I've also learned that an expanded vision of mission necessitates partnership. Therefore, I want to invite you and your church to engage the mission of God locally, regionally, nationally and globally through our Foursquare Missions family which deploys and supports trained missionaries. There are many ways to be a personal partner and a church partner.  I would consider it a high honor to assist you in discovering how you and your church can engage the mission of God beyond your local context. I look forward to talking to you soon. 

Letter from District Mission Representative

Dear Foursquare Pastor

I have been active in missions for over 30 years, much of it in foreign contexts.  As I reflect on these experiences, especially within the Foursquare Movement, I find that for the most part mission is discipleship and networking.  Wherever we go, we make disciples and we make new friends in ever-widening circles.  These circles become relational networks of disciples that connect with their respective communities.  In Foursquare, the number of these communities (churches) is about 70,000 globally.  This means there are about 70,000 groups of people in about 130 nations that are part of the Foursquare relational network.  This network is potentially open to any Foursquare group that senses the call to serve within it or alongside it.

The condition for service is that we honor our brothers and sisters in Christ, assuming they function as we do in Kingdom vision, purpose and integrity, and that we need to develop relationships that nurture these qualities.  There are means of doing this, but it will require some investment of our time, people, and funds.  Are you and your church network open for this kind of global network?  Foursquare Missions International has networks open for your ministry, has training opportunities available, and has the means of helping you mobilize your team to enter global partnerships. Will you join FMI in it's mission to PRAY, GIVE, PARTNER, and GO! 

Connecting with other missions-minded people is critical to the development of your calling and gifting.  With missionaries, this is doubly important due to the fact that we are traveling to many different places at various times, doing different things, engaged with different people.  What holds us together if not our relationship with Christ and one another and perhaps a shared purpose?  There is a tendency for us to be independent, even to a fault.  I urge you with all my heart to connect with a mentoring circle somehow, because you will need wise and commiserating counsel along the way – guaranteed!  Other missionaries share your perspective on ministry, whereas most of the church does not share this.  Personally, I am available to anyone who wants to talk missions, but I need to hear from you.  Call me – let’s talk!


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