We've all heard someone talk about "not seeing the forest for the trees" and we know what that feels like while leading in ministry. Daily demands and weekly deadlines can make our efforts at change feel more like an attempt to paint a bus while it's still moving down the road. Yet, with culture on the move, advancing the kingdom of God in the 21st century requires both agility and innovation. 

INNOVATE is an opportunity to carve out extensive time to focus on specific areas or topics. The underlying purpose is to create space to recalibrate and strategize. The desired outcome is the real-time integration of innovative ideas into everyday life and ministry. INNOVATE intensives will span 4-6 weeks and have the option to partner with educational institutions for credit. 

Our next Innovate courses are a collaboration effort with George Fox Seminary.

Starting this January we will be offering two Innovate Courses non credit or for credit through George Fox Seminary.


Another Training is in the works.

Past Innovate Trainings:




1.19.17 to 3.19.17 | registration Info Here 

This course explores the nature, identity and purpose of the people of God, as well as the leadership required to lead congregations and people of faith into interpretive engagement with their unique local context and the broader context of the Pacific Northwest known as Cascadia. Specifically, the course will assist pastors in developing a missional ecclesiology that will provide a framework for exploring and enhancing their congregation's capacity for missional engagement


The Shaping of a Leader - Lifelong Leadership Development: 

1.16.17 to 2.16.17 | REGISTRATION INFO HERE

This course highlights an integration of spiritual leadership and how God shapes a leader over a lifetime for unique purposes. Development of a leader's life takes place: (1) in the context of God's sovereign formative hand, (2) in the context of time, and (3) in context of a leader's response to God's formation. The leader will be able to describe the Spirit work in their life now and in the new phases of ministry. Through guest lectures, reading, and online discussion, students will be introduced to J. Robert Clinton's leadership emergence theory and encouraged to apply it to their own churches/communities.