We thank Bill for serving so faithfully as our North Pacific District Missions Representative!

Bill and Kathy Kieselhorst have been active in missions for over 35 years, during which time they have served as teachers, coaches, shepherds, and mentors.  In Nigeria, Bill traveled among 300+ churches preaching, teaching leadership seminars, and counseling with hundreds of pastors.  Bill has continued in active relationship with Nigerian pastors since the late 1980’s, seeing 300 churches multiply into nearly 7000 churches, expanding to every state in Africa.  He realized he had been working in a contemporary apostolic movement, patterned in the Book of Acts.

Bill returned home to discover that it was hardly known among our own Foursquare churches that a very fruitful Foursquare Mission existed globally.  Due to institutional factors, church and mission were separate entities that were not communicating.  Surprised by this impasse, Bill determined to build relationships between local churches in the US, and local churches in other parts of the world, using FMI as a broker for these complex cross-cultural relationships.  Since the late 1990’s, our churches have moved more into the driver’s seat, taking hold of their mission.  Our Movement has realigned itself toward Christ’s mission of making disciples wherever the church is planted. 

Anglican Missionary, Emil Brunner, said, “The church exists for mission as fire exists for burning.”  By and large, the US church has been lulled into complacency by a materialistic culture taken up in consumerism in its all-pervasive influence over our lives.  Few American Christians recognize the apostolic calling and function of the New Testament church, and fewer are responding to Jesus’ calling.  I think the Foursquare movement has not yet succumbed to this pervasive complacency. In fact, an old missionary prophet once said of us, “Most of us have to read books to discover our apostolic roots, but you Foursquare guys, this stuff is still running in your blood!”  I was greatly encouraged by those words and, while it is time for me to turn my work over to younger brothers and sisters, without hesitation I would give another lifetime to Foursquare’s mission.

Our vision is clear, having been articulated very well by former missionaries, Don McGregor and John Amstutz.  However, we have to pick it up.  I believe a paradigm shift is necessary among our pastors for this to continue; leaders need to lead in mission.  Mission is not an annual trip taken by a few laity “with a heart for mission.”  Mission is led by men and women of apostolic calling and purpose with fire in their hearts, people who will not stop until they see the church planted among every indigenous people on earth.  For the 21st century church, mission is now “from everywhere to everywhere” by everyone born of Christ’s Spirit.

What am I doing with my afterglow years?  I intend to garden, draw, paint, and develop a listening prayer ministry among leaders as a Spiritual Director.  Our leaders must be powerfully present in Christ to fulfill his calling.  I want to continue contributing to that. 

Thank you, Foursquare Family, for being just that – you have borne me with your encouragement at every turn.  May God bless you!