How long does the process take? 

This really depends on the person and the various factors involved in the process.  There are a number of elements that could potentially delay the process slightly or as people get busy they may choose to take longer to finish the process.  On average the process takes about 12 months but could take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

How is my Senior Pastor involved? 

The Senior Pastor is an important and vital addition to the process. All requests to join the licensing process need to come via the Senior Pastor.  The Senior Pastor serves as a sponsor and your covering as a licensed minister. 


I have been asked to serve as a coach / I am an applicant and have been assigned a coach – what does that mean? 

Once a licensing applicant has been accepted as a licensing candidate, they are assigned a coach.  The coach must be a current licensed Foursquare minister and be able to regularly meet with the candidate.  The Coach’s role is to help prepare the candidate for the final interview by using the Foursquare License Process Guide (provided to coach and candidate when accepted into the study phase of the process). The coach is responsible to work through the guide with the candidate to ensure that the candidate can answer all of the interview questions with confidence. We also prefer that the coach come to the interview with the candidate. The coach will need to make sure that the candidate aligns with Foursquare doctrine and has a thorough understanding of our polity.


What is the polity course?  

Once an applicant is accepted as a candidate for licensing, they enter the study phase.  This is when they are assigned a coach, given study materials and enrolled in the polity course.  The polity course is an online course that the candidate can work through on his or her own time.  It is a requirement that the candidate has completed the polity course prior to requesting an interview.


What are the costs associated with licensing and with being a credentialed minister? 

The licensing process costs a total of $150, which covers the cost of the background check and the study materials.  Once credentialed, each minister pays an annual credential fee, which provides them with a number of benefits including a life insurance policy and access to the Foursquare benevolence funds. Annual fees are due by December 1 of each year, with notices going out roughly 6 weeks prior to that due date.  Make sure and keep your contact information current with the district office so that you receive all of the information you need to remain a minister in good standing.

What should I expect from the final interview? 

The final interview takes approximately 3 hours and is led by 3 licensed ministers within our district. The panel will typically open with the Practical section – taking about 45 minutes to ask you questions from within that section.  The Doctrine section comes next and again, the panel will take about 45 minutes to ask questions from the Doctrine section.  Using Scripture references throughout your responses on both the Practical and Doctrine section is a key element – the panel needs to know that you understand these concepts and have a Biblical foundation for that understanding.  The team will close with the Polity section before closing out your time together with prayer. Breaks are taken between sections. You may use your notes and your Bible throughout and your coach can also assist as needed – providing clarification or offering a reminder of something you have studied together.  And remember, you will be provided with all of the questions in advance, as they are part of the FLPG that you receive in the study phase.  We expect to have a thorough, robust and interactive conversation with you!