EUgene, 6-18 | Bend, 6-19 | Portland, 6-25 | Medford, 6-27

The North Pacific District hosted 4 Admin Trainings to discuss a variety of topics and resources related to church administration and the unique role of administrators, bookkeepers and Executive Pastors within the local church. This 1-day training event covered information regarding a variety of administrative functions such as receiving donations, property and leases, investments, bookkeeping, church councils, pastoral licensing and so much more! We also had the opportunity to have Cindy Towne join us to discuss these topics. Cindy currently serves as the National Administrative Specialist for the Foursquare Church and is an invaluable resource to us. It was a great time of connection and allowed for administrative leaders throughout the district to stay up to date on the administrative challenges of the local church.

ACCELERATE: Rethinking Missional Contextualization and Gospel Transformation | With Brad Williams & Gabe Barreiro

JUNE 19, 2019 | 8:30am-3:00pm | West Salem Foursquare Church

This was a wonderful training focused on returning to God's mission for humanity and reminding ourselves that he is the God of mission. We discussed and reconsidered the way we contextualize the gospel in our communities.  We had approximately 90 pastors, and leaders in attendance.

ACCELERATE: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory | WITH Tod Bolsinger

March 6, 2019 | 8AM-3:30PM | bridgeport Foursquare, Tualatin, OR

Some Comments From The Day:

“I really appreciate the intentionality of these events, and how much I am getting out of them. What I learn helps me grow in my calling, my relationship with God and others.”

“Well done. Thoroughly enjoyed Todd and his perspective.”

“His content was extremely helpful on so many levels. Speaker was so engaging and there were many ah-ha moments.”

“I liked the content and challenge to adapt to our changing world. I also really like coming together with my Foursquare family in relationship and like mission.”

RECREATE | Senior Pastor and Spouse Retreat

FEBRUARY 11-13, 2019 AT SUNRIVER RESORT, SUnriver, oregon

We had an amazing time at Sunriver Resort! We enjoyed the snow, the connections and time to relax. We had the privilege of having Ken and Linda Johnson share with our pastors, as well as our Supervisor Gabe Barreiro. Next year we plan on hosting it in Downtown, Portland, so mark your calendars for February 10-12, 2020. Don’t miss it!

RECREATE | Senior Pastor and Spouse Retreat


This was a wonderful time of connection with our Senior Pastors. We had Gateway Supervisor Sam Rockwell and his wife De share with our English speaking pastors. In addition, we had Juan Muzquiz, the President of the Foursquare Church in Mexico, and his wife, Maria, come and share with our Hispanic pastors.  We were blessed to have perfect weather, a time to relax, and connection with others in our district.  Don't miss out on the next one!

RECREATE | 2 Days of Golf

August 21-22, 2017 at The Resort at the Mountain

This included a 1 night stay with 2 rounds of golf. The leadership training conversation was led by Dave Veach, Supervisor of the Northwest District. It was a wonderful time of connection! Don't miss the next one.

$189 - Price included double occupancy  


July 26, 2018 | 9AM - 12PM | At Beaverton Foursquare

Some Comments From The Day:

"Very glad my team came. Content was top notch! Thanks for hosting these wonderful events. Very impressed and grateful!"

"I enjoyed Mark and his talk was very clean and simple and very understandable and relevent to today's culture."

ACCELERATE | With Mark Sayers

April 21, 2017 | 10AM - 3PM | At Portland Foursquare 

Some comments from the day:

"Well done, meaningful, good notice ahead of time so I could get and read his book. Thank you!"

"Overall, it was a good event. Loved connecting with pastors that I would not normally get to see."

"I would love to have Mark Sayers come back again. Thanks for opening this beyond Four Square only. I hope move of our pastors from similar denominations will come in the future. I would like to have access to the recorded content for other leaders if possible. Thanks for all your good work to make this day happen."


RECREATE | Lead Pastor & Spouse retreat

February 13-15, 2017 | Skamania Lodge in Skamania, Or

It was a wonderful time of fellowship, fun and relaxation. We had three brief sessions together with Glenn Burris, (Monday evening, Tuesday morning, and Tuesday evening), as well as enjoyed the free time to explore the area and to simply relax. 

INNOVATE | Leading a Missional Church In Cascadia

ONLINE:  1/9/17-3/19/17  | 2-Day Intensive: Jan 27-28 at George Fox Newberg Campus

Instructor: Dr. Aaron Friesen | Guest Lecturers: Gabe Barreiro, Brad Williams, and Randy Remington | Course Title: MLDR 585P Leading a Missional Church in Cascadia

Learning Outcomes: As a result of taking this course, students will:

  • Gain understanding of ecclesiology and missiology from both historical and contemporary perspectives

  • Discern and assess their own church’s ecclesial identity and mission paradigm

  • Assess their church’s current praxis as a congregation, and consider future steps toward a holistic missional ecclesiology in the context of Cascadia

  • Develop a leadership strategy, including theological, methodological, and behavioral dimensions, for personal and communal missional formation