Pastoral Health

Personal Growth


Senior Pastor Central

You can find a variety of resources, articles, and more to assist you in your personal growth.

Lectio Divina Journal

This journal will help you in the daily practice of spiritual reading and seeking nothing less than God. “Lectio Divina treats the Scriptures not as a text to be studied or a set of truths to be grasped, but as the living Word — always alive and active, always fresh and new”.  


recommended books

Marriage & Family


Pure Desire Ministries

This ministry provide hope, healing, and freedom from sexual brokenness through Jesus Christ.

Prepare Enrich

Their mission is to equip marriage champions, couples, and families with evidence-based skills and insights to foster healthy relationships. 


Recommended books for Family/Marriage

Recommended books regarding LGBTQ

Emotional & Mental Health


Church Therapy

You can find resources for pastors and counselors working together

Mental Health First Aid

Easily accessible, 8 hour FREE certification in Mental Health education, resourcing, and suicide prevention. This is a great resource for every Pastor on staff, and any children’s and youth workers.

National Alliance for mental illness - Nami

National organization resourcing clients and family members for education and support.

Hope for mental health

Out of Saddleback Church, this site contains resources for churches to create a ministry for mental health.

Emotionally healthy discipleship

For helping pastors and congregants to be discipled in their emotional health and spiritual maturity.





Sabbath Living

You can find tools, resources, and stories to help you reclaim the Sabbath rhythms of work and rest.



Foursquare Resource for You


The Center for Spiritual Renewal campuses were designed with the Foursquare leader in mind, because your health matters. We offer a range of services to restore, improve and maintain the spiritual, emotional and physical health of the women and men who serve as pastors and leaders in our U.S. Foursquare family.