Make Sure You Vote!

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President Glenn Burris is finishing out his final term marking a season of transition for us as a Foursquare movement. If you missed our local Forum, please click here to view any of them, as they were recorded.

The absentee ballot is available this year, and each licensed Foursquare minister can vote in our presidential election without being present at Connection in Nashville.  As senior pastors, please take time to talk about and inform those licensed ministers who serve with you about this season and its importance. 

Ballots must be requested by May 10 and received by May 24. (Note, dates are not postmark dates). 

Make a Difference

Pray & Give to VenezuEla

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As the crisis in Venezuela continues, Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) and Foursquare's  area missionary to Central and South America thank you for praying and give an update on current conditions. 

"The situation has gone beyond simple inconvenience," Chad Isenhart, FDR's International Response Director, says of the deteriorating conditions in Venezuela, where the economy has collapsed in the past few years and provoked escalating social unrest. "It's now a major humanitarian crisis."

Today, FDR is partnering with church leaders in neighboring countries to help the hundreds of Foursquare churches in Venezuela, as well as refugees pouring across borders. Keep reading, and learn how you can pray and help.