Welcome to the road map of NPD Church planting. We’re happy you have taken the first step in gathering info about our church planting movement. It means a lot to us that you are investigating church planting in the Foursquare NPD. Our heart is to serve you along the way because every step is important. It gives us an opportunity to discover what God is doing in your life and an opportunity for us to mutually get to know one another. We are excited about the present and future of church planting in the NPD. We believe that our best missional church planting days are ahead of us. You are the future of church planting and that is what we are excited about... you and the harvest of souls that could be reached through church planting.

STEP 1: Talk with your Senior Pastor

So you’re interested in Church Planting in the North Pacific District? The first step we encourage is to talk with your senior pastor. Let them know of your interest in this big step, and dialogue with them the possibilities of you joining the NPD training with the goal of planting a church. We want you to have their support and encouragement throughout the training, and this can start now.



Once you make initial contact by phone or email, we will get more information from you, answer any questions you have, and contact your senior pastor to discuss the possibility of you joining the cohort. After we get the green light from your senior pastor, we will contact you with the next step.


STEP 3: Initial Screening Assessment

The next step is to take the online screening assessment (ISA). This helps show where you are in church planting knowledge and leadership experience. Once we send you the link, you can register for the ISA- make sure you pick the agency: FOURSQUARE NORTH PACIFIC DISTRICT CHURCH PLANTING. The results will be available for you to see your level of experience and knowledge in the area of church planting and leadership. What did you see from the results? Were the results what you expected? Why or why not? Write some of your thoughts down.

We will review the results and if we feel like it is time to move forward in the rest of the process, we will set up a phone call, or in some cases a face to face meeting.



The North Pacific District Church Planting representative and District Supervisor, Gabe Barreiro, will be looking forward to talking with you, either on the phone or in person. We want to get to know you better, and to hear your theology, missiology, ecclesiology, & Christology while making sure that we are a fit for you and you are a fit for us. We want you to ask any questions you might have about the process. We will also go over your ISA results together.


STEP 5: COHORT Training

Now it’s time to officially register for our cohort- we’ll send you a registration link, and begin the journey. In most cases, our training duration is 9-months long. You will be part of a cohort of other church planter candidates, and will progress through three different training sections. These sections are each specifically designed to address formative issues of missional leadership, character, skills and values.

Most of your learning will take place online, but you are required to attend three in- person training retreats. These venues allow us to get to know you in person and the story of your journey with the Lord, and discern where God is leading you as it pertains to planting a church.

It will be important for you to identify a coach that is going to help keep you on task and accomplish the goals you have set for planting the church. We can talk with you more about selecting and paying for a coach.


  • Church Planter Training 101 & 201 & 301 (required)


  • Coaching 
  • Mentoring 

Step 6: Proposal time!

It is now time to work on your proposal. We are looking for clear vision, clear values, and a clear core cause with a clear implementation plan. We have a special handout to help you accomplish this proposal. The process is to help you think through the various stages of church planting: pre-launch, first year plan and beyond, and also a reproducing plan for the future.

In addition to the proposal, we would like for you to write a paper on “The Biblical & Philosophical Basis for the Missional Plan of your Church Plant.” We also have instructions for you to follow in the writing of this paper. We are excited to read about your theological context, gut level passion, and specific message for the community and people that God is calling you to reach.

These two documents will be reviewed by our NPD church planting team in addition to our District Supervisor. Once you have approval and confirmation to move forward from these particular key leaders, you will be ready for the next phase. This next phase is getting you closer to funding approval...hang in there!


Step 7: Incorporation & Licensing

We will help you through every step in this process. It is a benefit to have our help in getting you a non-profit status with the federal and state agencies. It is important to note that we will not disperse funds until your Foursquare Ministerial License and Church Registration with the government is complete.


Step 8: Fundraising/Matching Funds

We believe that people give money and resources to a compelling vision and that there is nothing more relational than raising money. We want to see a potential church planter raising money because it reveals a level of leadership credibility & entrepreneurial skills. We are looking for you to raise money from at least 4 streams of income before we will match funds. The more diversified the better.

Four streams of income specifically means:

  • Your Church Planting Core Team
  • Committed people to the church
  • Friends and family outside of the church plant
  • Mother churches
  • Sponsor churches or donors

 If you raise 5K and have at least 25 people committed to the church we will match it.

  • 25 people committed to the church means 25 people on average who are coming over a 2 month period.

If you raise another 25k, making a total of 30k, and have at least 75 people committed to the church we will match it also.

  • 75 people committed to the church means 75 people on average who are coming over a 3 month period.

If you raise another 25k, making a total of 55k, and have at least 150 people committed to the church we will match it also.

  • 150 people committed to the church means 150 people on average who are coming over a 3 month period.

So if you raise 55k and we match 55k then you have 110k to start out with. Hey, not bad! It can be done... and it already has been done several times!

Prerequisites for the Disbursement of funds:

All four of the items below are what is expected of every pastor and every church in the Foursquare family. As licensed Foursquare pastors, we all agree to covenant with these financial and administrative particulars as described in our bylaws and polity. We have established these guidelines and we will not release any church plant funds until we have seen faithful stewardship in all of these areas of administration.

  1. Fill out reports consistently on the Hub –You need to fill out the reports every month. Due first week of every new month.
  2. Giving an “extension tithe” to the Foursquare family. This is something that should be done every month. Until you are current on extension tithe, we will not be able to release funds to you. This “extension tithe” is used to replenish church plant funds for future church plants and “extending” the kingdom.
  3. Give to Foursquare Missions. Plan how often and how much you will give to FMI throughout the year. Foursquare churches are global partners in Foursquare missions.
  4. Insurance payments. You need to pay your insurance invoice every month. Insurance is for your church’s protection.


Step 9: Launch!

Our goal in the NPD is to help prepare you for a successful launch and to be missionally effective. We realize that a lot of training, mentoring, and coaching have gone into making your launch happen. To stay strong, it will be important to stay connected to those people who have helped you this far. Starting a church is one thing but keeping that church healthy and growing is another thing completely. The NPD will continue to be committed to you. Your biggest asset will be to stay close to those who have gone before you. We expect that you will continue to participate in the NPD Church Planting movement. Your experience will be helpful to others who are also in the church planting pipeline waiting to launch. They will be looking to you for proven experience and fresh ideas.


You did it! By now we have a strong sense of who you are...we are getting to know you as leader and your potential for long-term church planting success. We have checked out your resume, references, etc. Every person is wired differently and now we have a better picture of how uniquely God has fashioned you.