Who do I talk to about?

Communications, the office & EVENTS

JACKIE MILIAN - Administrative Assistant

  • Event Coordination

  • Resumes

  • Communications (website, social media and constant contact newsletters)


Scheduling Appointments & Camp Crestview

Nicole Barreiro - Administrative Assistant



David Eddy - Associate Supervisor

  • Can I get specific coaching or training to help me become a better leader?

  • I’d like our church to be more strategic. Is there someone or something that could help us organize better?

  • How do I connect with the post-christian secular thinker in today’s reality, and lead a church that reaches them?

  • There are hot button issues in culture today, how can I gain perspective and help in handling them?

  • Can someone put ‘fresh eyes’ on what I’m doing and help us become more effective?


Pastoral & Church Development

David Eddy - Associate Supervisor

  • Church transitions and pastoral selection

  • Having a healthy, effective council & training council members

  • Helping our churches connect with missionaries

  • Pastoral succession planning

  • Consultation for "finishing well" in the ministry


The Hub & Licensing

Cortney Howell - Assistant to the administrator

  • What is the Hub?

  • Help with the Hub

  • What is the process for licensing? When can I get ordained?

  • What about Service awards?


Church Administration  

Rob Gentle - District Administrator

  • Best practices for Foursquare church administration

  • Foursquare properties process

  • Church financial questions

  • Bylaw questions




  • What NextGen training does the NPD have?

  • What are our youth event partnerships?

  • How do I get involved in summer camps?

  • To find out about Children's, Youth and College Ministry


Hispanic Ministries | MINISTERIOS HISPANOS  

Jackie Milian - Asistente del supervisor

  • Cual quiera cosa relacionada con los ministerios hispanos en el NPD | (Anything related to Hispanic ministries in the NPD)


Global Mission

Jason Albelo - Global Missions rep

  • Developing or connecting with an international mission

  • Cross-cultural training

  • Becoming a missionary

  • Engaging ethnic people groups in my area

  • Contextualizing process in my community



Kathy Kieselhorst - Forerunners rep

  • Who are the Forerunners?

  • What are the benefits to belonging to the Forerunners group?

  • Upcoming events and info for the Forerunners